The international trade in wildlife products or manufactured commodities of animal
origin lends itself to many rules, regulations and logistical complexities. Countries and trade organisations world-wide, have adopted measures to protect their members, communities, territories and infrastructure from animal and human disease, insect infestation and illegal trade. Security measures are becoming daily issues that one has to contend with.

SCS has made a large investment in creating a global infrastructure to handle and effect the international movement of shipments of a such a specialised nature; may they be game trophies, exotic skins, or manufactured animal products. We are proud and privileged to be the nominated forwarder for numerous prominent taxidermy and tannery companies in South Africa, and many international hunting and tourism bodies and organisations.  

Our staff are competent and knowledgeable on the required Customs, Consular, Veterinary and Conservation practices that is required to effect trade in regulated and restricted commodities and have many years experience in this field.

When entrusting your consignment to SCS you can be assured that we shall address all the required issues and to ensure the smooth international transit of
your precious goods from SA to final destination.

Our policy is one of NO surprises, we shall discuss with you in advance and prior to shipment, the related costs and insurance arrangements. Costing estimates for airfreight or ocean freight will submitted to you.

Since we integrate our services with a comprehensive network of clearing agents abroad, we are also able to make advance recommendations with you how to achieve customs clearance and delivery of your shipment at its final designated address, the most expedient and cost effective manner.

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