The SCS / Fauna & Flora “Game Trophy Ocean Consolidation Service“ was comprehensively featured in the April 2003 edition of the “HUNTING REPORT” CLICK HERE to view this article.

Ocean freight to the USA (Game Trophies)

In September 2002, Safari Cargo Systems embarked upon ocean distribution methods for fully processed (*mounted) Game Trophies to the USA. The escalation in fuel costs which results in expensive international freight tariffs, necessitated such action.

In conjunction with Fauna & Flora Customs House Brokers Inc., based at the Port of New York, a door to door delivery system that catered only for Game Trophies, was launched and implemented.

Since its inception this method of distribution was welcomed by South African  Taxidermy companies and the US hunting community ; It is an international door to door delivery method with no hidden charges which has been proven to be a secure and cheaper alternative to airfreight. Costs savings of up to 50% can easily be achieved.  As at September 2005, more that 1800 shipments of game trophy had been accommodated in our ocean containers and successfully delivered to homes in the USA.

The way in which we conduct our ocean freight practice is unique and has certainly changed the stigmatic “face” of shipping trophies by ocean. It is also the key to our success :

Operations Method:

  • Safari Cargo Systems professionally pack the export shipments into 40’ foot High-Cube Ocean going containers at our veterinary approved premises adjacent to Johannesburg International Airport. All precautions are taken to ensure that the containers are seaworthy and that the door seals are not perished. At this time the container doors are resealed. 
  • By special arrangement with Maritime Agencies, our containers achieve under deck stowage on the nominated vessels operating to the Port of NY. This way our cargo is not exposed to the high seas and much cooler transit conditions are achieved.

Since Game Trophies and related products are subjected to many rules and inspections by US government agencies, the participation of Fauna & Flora Customs House Brokers at the Port of NY is imperative to the entire distribution concept: 

  • A way was found to avoid costly third party intervention and inspection of the containers when they arrive at the seaport. The US Department of Agriculture granted special concession to Fauna & Flora Customs Brokers to bring the containers from the seaport to their Customs bonded facility and container station adjacent to JFK. This is where the containers (Ocean Game Trophy Consolidations) are unpacked by professionals. When US government agencies such as US Customs, US Agriculture,   US Fish & Wildlife and US Homeland Security conduct their inspection activities, these are effected at the premises of Fauna & Flora Inc.
  • When all formalities are finalised, Fauna & Flora effect furtherance of the shipments to their designated delivery locations and homes.
Comprehensive ocean freight consolidation systems to the US West Coast and Gulf, will be launched in 2006. For letters of recommendation, please navigate to LINKS.
Ocean Freight to Europe

Under Development

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